Contact improvisation basics and systematics"

workshop describtion 2012

In contact improvisation I am mostly interested in the pleasure of following movement impulses which are created by the unpredictable physical connection with dance partners.
We do not intend to achieve a beautiful form, to design an interesting show, to deliver a choreographers dream, nor do pretend to dance.
I am enthused by the special you-and-me of this dance form: Its an amazing feeling to be aware that we need each other to play around and to create common movement!
It´s not about two solos side-by-side. It´s communication in a non-verbal dialogue, it´s connection, comparable to a piece for two voices.
Just be as you are, and if you have not until now - start with getting to know a bit more of yourself in this context.
We take images to get a sense for the mental and physical tone that is helpful to substain trust, become aware of a body alignment to give and receive weight.
We will focus on listening and timing, leaning and reaching, push and pull. We will discover ways to act and react, learn to use eyes, arms and legs, spine and center, body weight and body tone, momentum and relaxation in both solos and duets. We start to read our partner´s body as a landscape for a playful dance. We will study video sequences of contact improvisation and notice any influence it provides on our own movements on the dance floor...
In terms of methods I prefer the focus more on movement principles that are helpful in a "real" dance situations you will expect in every jam - and less on repeating synthesized dry "steps" and synchronized movement pattern....
Comfortable clothes, for examplöe sleeved t-shirts, trousers without zip and kneepads are senseful!
Bernd Knappe has been exploring contact improvisation intensively for a few years, after having worked as painter, musician and architect. He has attended numerous workshops, intensives and festivals in Europe and is mainly influenced by Joerg Hassmann, Angela Dony, Martin Keogh, Ray Chung, Chris Aiken and Eszter Gàl.

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